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Ward 5 - Etobicoke/Lakeshore - Peter Milczyn

Islington - City Centre West

3 Aukland  Rd
Existing Use: Existing industrial building to be demolished in the event of approval.

Proposed Use: Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Official Plan and Zoning Code to permit the development of a 12-storey, 52-unit, residential condominium building

3879 Bloor Street West
To construct fifteen 4-storey freehold townhouse units with a common element condominium road

64 Cordova Ave
Proposal for three residential apartment buildings (35, 35 and 42 storeys) on a 3 storey podium on former TTC commuter parking lot for Islington Subway Station.

5145 Dundas Street West
Existing Use: Existing grocery store to be demolished in the event of approval

Proposed Use: Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Official Plan and Zoning Code to permit the development of a mixed-use project consisting of: 4 (rental) apartment buildings of varying heights above a continuous podium base that is to include 1 395 m2 of retail space.

5415 Dundas Street West
Demolition of all existing buildings and redevelopment of the site with 5 condominium apartment buildings containing 7 towers up to 30 stories high. Two of the buildings have adjoining mixed-use, 8 storey sections with ground floor, street-related commercial uses and 2nd and 3rd floor office space fronting on Dundas Street West.

5485 - 5487 Dundas Street West
Proposal to develop a 26 storey condominium apartment building with eight storey section facing Dundas Street West, including a one-storey commercial podium and eleven (11) two storey residential townhouses.

5500 Dundas Street West
Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit the development of an urban-format, mixed commercial-retail development (8 020 m2) with underground parking facilities. The existing building (former auto dealership) is to be demolished.

5555 Dundas Street West
Proposed mixed use development with new parks, roads and 14 buildings.

2 Fieldway Road
Re-zoning Application to convert existing office building to loft condominiums.

8 Fieldway Road - Six Storey Condominium
Site location: North side of Fieldway Road, south of Bloor Street West and west of Islington Avenue
StatusApproved by Council
Community benefits:
To provide, as agreed upon, Section 37 benefits in the amount of $20,000, payable to the City of Toronto prior to the issuance of above-grade building permits.  Allocation of the funds to be applied to local improvements in consultation with the Ward Councillor.
This application proposes the construction of a 6 storey building with 110 units at 8 Fieldway Road, and 98 parking spaces. The proposed building will be L-shaped with the front elevation facing Fieldway and then wrapping around to the west side of the site.
The history on this side relates to a rezoning application for 2 Fieldway Road, which also includes 8 Fieldway Road, was approved by City Council in 2006. This approval permitted the conversion of an existing office building on the site to a 13-storey residential building known as 2 Fieldway Road, as well as to construct 14 new townhouse units. The conversion of the office building to residential uses is complete and the building is occupied. The proposed townhouses were not constructed.
In 2009, the applicant proposed to construct a 6-storey senior's residence on the portion of the site that was zoned for 14 townhouse units. A site plan approval application was submitted in September 2009; however final approval was never issued as the applicant decided not to proceed with the proposal.
The applicant then proceeded with the revised 6 storey application as noted above, and which was approved by Etobicoke York Community Council on February 14th, 2012.
To accommodate the parking requirements of the proposed building, a two-storey above-grade parking structure is proposed to be constructed behind the building, over the on-ground parking lot. Vehicle access is proposed on the east side of the proposed building via a mutual driveway with the existing 
13 storey residential building (2 Fieldway) on the site.
The lands were zoned under Site Specific By-law 963-2006 which permitted a 13 storey residential building and 14 townhouse units (part of a previous development, 2 Fieldway) therefore, a zoning by-law amendment was required to implement the development proposal.
When this development was approved at Council, the following amendment was moved by Councillor Milczyn and was approved.

26 & 30 Fieldway Road

Site Location: The site is located on the north side of Fieldway Road, between Allerton Road and Carysfort Road, in the south west quadrant of Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue.

Status: Preliminary Report from Planning Staff approved, awaiting Final Report to be submitted to Community Council.  Nothing approved to date.

Community benefits: 


This application proposes a 7 storey residential condominium building with 163 units and 201 underground parking spaces. The building will be L-shaped with the front elevation facing Fieldway Road.

A preliminary report was presented before Community Council on February 14th, 2012. The preliminary report which recommended community consultation was approved with the following amendment moved by Councillor Peter Milczyn:

"That Notice for the community consultation meeting be given to landowners and residents within 120 metres of the site, and expanded in consultation with the Ward Councillor, with the additional cost to be borne by the applicant".

This Council directed Community Consultation meeting took place on Monday, April 16th at the Royal Canadian Legion on Jutland Road

1286 Islington Ave
Existing Use: Property is currently occupied by 2, 8-storey residential apartment buildings that would remain

Proposed Use: Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Official Plan and Zoning Code to permit the development of 3 additional apartment (condominium) buildings containing a total of 706 (new) residential units. The proposed buildings would range in height from 17 to 29 storeys.

5 Michael Power Place
Proposed development of 3 apartment buildings.

150 Park Lawn Road

1025 The Queensway
This site plan application is to permit a 1,550 m2 building addition to the existing Cineplex movie theatre building. The addition is for new VIP theatres

1061 The Queensway
Official Plan Amendment and Re Zoning Application to develop an aprox. 5700m2 supermarket (Sobey's)

1475 The Queensway
Proposed 2-storey, 2 423 m2 warehouse addition to an existing retail store/warehouse (IKEA)

1629 The Queensway
Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit the development of a new 2-storey fitness centre (4 278 m2), a restaurant (862 m2), and two 1-storey retail buildings (598 m2 and 696 m2) with a total gross floor area of 6 436 m2. A total of 410 parking spaces would serve the development. Three existing industrial buildings would be demolished in the event of approval.

25 The West Mall
Proposed demolition of approximately 4 000 m2 of existing retail space (Sporting Life) and the construction of a 2-storey addition containing approximately 12 500 m2 of new retail space (resulting in a net increase of 8 500 m2) on the south side of Sherway Gardens Plaza. A 3-storey parking garage (one storey below grade, including under the new retail space) is also proposed.

Proposed two storey retail addition and three storey parking structure to the north-west side of existing shopping centre.

1 Valhalla Inn Road
Proposed development of three residential high rise buildings. See Committee of Adjusment application for revised site organization and the introduction of townhouses on the site.

15 Viking Lane
Proposal to construct a new 36 storey residential building with approximately 334 units for Phase III - Nuvo at Essex

Stonegate - Queensway

1 Bellmanor Dr
Proposed development of one eight unit block of freehold townhomes.

2800 Bloor Street West – Kingsway Retirement Residence by Foram Developers

Site Location: This project is located on Bloor Street West, just west of The Kingsway on the north side of Bloor.

Status: This Retirement Residence by Living Life Retirement was approved in August 2010. No permits have been applied for at this time.

Community Benefits:

$150,000.00 was secured by the Councillor for improvements to the existing Kingsway Gate Boulevard Parkette; improvements to The Kingsway boulevard and intersection with Bloor Street West; restoration of the Kingsway Gates to their original location and design.  These funds are payable prior to the issuance of any above grade building permits.

This development application proposes to demolish the existing 3-storey, 10-unit rental apartment
building on the site and construct an 8-storey building primarily to be used for a senior citizens retirement residence. The eighth floor of the building would provide an amenity space with an additional mechanical penthouse above the eighth floor. The building will contain a total of ninety-two rooms to be rented to senior citizens and 10 rental apartment units.

The retirement residence will be for independent seniors who have chosen to no longer live on their own, but are not in need of complex medical care. The new retirement residence will be a rental building that will be owned and operated by Foram Developments (Kingsway) Inc.

The ground floor of the building will have common amenity space, such as a dining room, library, social rooms and administrative offices. The retirement units will not be self-contained apartments as they will contain no kitchen facilities. They will consist of a variety of bedroom types, including bachelor, one and two bedroom units. Meals, daily housekeeping services, laundry services, and pill administration will be provided to the residents. The eighth floor penthouse of the proposed building will be used for a garden amenity terrace, multi-purpose room, chapel, salon, lounge and exercise room.

The applicant has advised that some of the space and activities in the building may be available to the wider community for their use.

4187 Dundas St. West - Monarch Group (formerly "The Strand")

Site Location: This site is located on the south east corner of Dundas Street West and Prince Edward Drive.  

Status: This application for a 7 storey, 83 unit condominium was approved at the OMB in February 2008. In 2011 the Applicant then filed for a variance with the C of A to increase units to 112 and increase the height to 8 storeys. That variance was also approved. At that time, Councillor Milczyn requested and secured $150,000.00 in community benefits at the Committee of Adjustment. After above grade permits are issued, the Councillor will allocate these funds to streetscape improvements on Dundas Street West.

The developer for this application noted above (OMB Decision and C of A Application) was Dunpar Homes.  However, in late 2011, Monarch Corporation assumed the development, and intends to move forward with a residential development.

Monarch Corporation has recently advised the Councillor that they will be modifying the building to allow for greater ceiling heights (and increase in overall height of 1.47 meters along with other minor modifications. These  will require Committee of Adjustment approval.

To show the community the changes they wish to make, Monarch will be hosting a community information session later in September 2012 (in advance of seeking C of A approvals).  Monarch plans to go to the Committee of Adjustment in either October or November 2012.

If you require more information on this site, or on the modifications being proposed by Monarch, please contact the Councillor's office at 416-392-4040.


1030-1040 Islington Avenue Townhomes – by MANTELLA
Site Location: Islington Avenue and Norseman Street (southwest corner)

Status: Approved; not under construction

Community benefits

The Councillor secured through section 45 community benefits $25,000 which, when received, will be allocated to the new greenspace at Fairfield Park for improvements to this community park.

In December 2011 the Final Report for zoning amendments and subdivision applications were approved by Community Council and Toronto City Council.

This particular development proposal dates back to 2008, when initially, over 1400 condominium units in 7 different buildings were proposed. The Councillor opposed that submission and requested that the applicant revise their proposal.  

After numerous community meetings, to get input on this project, the applicant submitted a significantly revised proposal in 2011 for 248 ground related townhouse units. The current TD bank is proposed to be retained as there is a long term lease in place, and an employment/commercial/light industrial building continues to be proposed at the far west end of the property on lands which form a part of the site but which are not subject to the rezoning application.

The Plan of Subdivision proposes the creation of 13 blocks including a public road that will connect to Islington Avenue and Norseman Street through the lands.

The approved townhouses would occupy the larger, eastern section of the site which is designated Mixed Use Areas in the Official Plan. An industrial building will be built on the west part of the site, which is designated Employment Areas in the Official Plan. This building will buffer the residential area from the existing industrial operations to the west.

The townhouse portion of the development is organized in five blocks divided by private and public roads. The applicant currently proposes to provide a total of 464 on-site parking spaces (including 76 visitor parking spaces). 192 bicycle parking spaces will also be provided (149 for residents and 43 for visitors).

A light industrial building is proposed on the west portion of the site, west of the new north-south public street. This building may be used for purposes such as offices, warehousing, light manufacturing, etc.

1144 Islington Townhomes (Islington and Bering)
Site Location: This site is located on the west side of Islington Avenue at Bering Avenue (North west corner).
Status: The final report from Planning Staff was tabled at the April 5, 2011 meeting of Etobicoke York Community Council and was approved.

This development is comprised of eleven 4-storey three bedroom townhouses. Eight units will front onto Islington Avenue and three will front onto Bering Avenue.  A driveway from Bering Avenue will provide access to internal rear garages. A small landscaped area and 2 visitor parking spaces are proposed at the rear of the townhouses.  This site was formerly used as a garden supply centre and is now vacant.

323 Park Lawn Road
To convert a portion of existing building from parking spaces into 6 new rental dwelling units. The building will contain a total of 47 dwelling units after the conversion.

Riverhouse at the Old Mill  - Lanterra Developments

Site Location: This condominium is located across from the Old Mill Inn, on Old Mill Road and the banks of the Humber River.

Status: Approved and under construction

Community Benefits:

$500,000.00 was secured for community park improvements (including up to $50,000.00 for a pedestrian bridge across the Humber River) within the vicinity of the subject site, including Kings Mill Park, Etienne Brule Park, Park Lawn Park and Kinsdale Park.    Also $100,000.00 was secured for Heritage improvements along the Humber River.  At the Committee of Adjustment in January 2011, Councillor Milczyn secured an additional $50,000.00 to be used for Heritage and lighting improvements on the Humber Bridge and Humber River area.

A 10-storey condominium was approved by Council at their March 2008 meeting.  

The application was thoroughly reviewed by Culture, Heritage, Urban Design, the TRCA and Planning staff to ensure no impacts on the flood plain, valley lands, habitat, and ecology.  The Final Staff Report recommended approval.  

The TRCA's assessment is that the project will result in a net ecological benefit since the Old Mill will be required to pay for the ecological restoration of close to three acres of off-site valley land, the planting of 1,000 trees on and off site, removal of invasive and non-native species on and off site to improve the terrestrial habitat. There are significant Section 37 community benefits which will include trail and park improvements to the abutting parks, a new continuous sidewalk down Old Mill Road all the way to the bridge, and funds for heritage interpretation projects near the site.
The full Staff Report as approved by Council can be read via the following link:

In January, 2011 the new owner and applicant, Lanterra Developments, applied to the Committee of Adjustment to increase the units from 84 to101 dwelling units.  This increase in units was achieved by lowering the ceiling heights on all floors, and adding an 11 floor. They did not propose any changes to the approved building envelope.

This condominium will include underground public and private parking that will replace the previously utilized parking lot Old Mill patrons.

270 The Kingsway
Revised September 6, 2012. This application proposes to amend Site Specific By-law 1990-178 of the former City of Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit a mixed-usee development. The development will have commercial uses on the ground floor and second floor, as well as three (3) residential buildings containing 654 residantial units, and 28 townhouse units. Proposed amendments to the Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit a mixed-use development comprising five (5) buildings with commercial uses (21,837 sq. m) in the podium (ground floor and second floor), five (5) towers containing 654 residential units with overall heights ranging from 11 storeys to 21 storeys, and 28 townhouses.

760 The Queensway
Project revised to provide for 2 additional storeys. Proposed development will now consist of a new 8-storey mixed use building.

892 The Queensway
Proposed development of a 18 unit residential apartment building containing commercial space on the ground floor.

975 The Queensway
Existing Use: Vacant (previous site of Canadian Tire store). Proposed Use: Proposed amendments to the Official Plan and Etobicoke Zoning Code to permit the development of a mixed-use project consisting of 74 townhouses-revised proposal.

Westwood Theatre Lands Site
Site Location: These City-owned vacant lands are located on the southeast corner of the Six Points interchange (intersection of Kipling/Bloor and Dundas)
Status: BUILD Toronto negotiating sale and development options
A Provincial Courthouse was going to be built on a 4 acre portion of this larger 14 acres site, known as the Westwood/Six Points lands. The Provincial government expressed interest in this site a few years ago as the place to build a new Provincial courthouse with underground private and public parking in the west end of Toronto. The Councillor supported this use of this small portion of the lands, as it would create an economic benefit to the area, employment, and spearhead the road reconfiguration work. Unfortunately, in late 2010, given the Provinces financial constraints, they cancelled this project in their 2011 budget.
The cancellation of the courthouse represented a loss of over $40 million to the City in land purchase and infrastructure construction.  It would have also represented lower density development on this site, than is otherwise already permitted as of right.
With the Councillor’s assistance, in 2011 Council authorized the transfer of these vacant lands to BUILD Toronto, the City's innovative real estate and development corporation ( This is a positive step forward as it will speed up the process for selling the lands, developing the area and seeing progress on this site. BUILD Toronto is continuing with the overall plan for the area and we will be selling land for redevelopment.  The City also already approved $1 million in the 2011 budget to complete the construction drawings for the new road network and infrastructure for the site, which is a needed step in the process.
Priority will be given to securing the sale of a portion of the lands to the YMCA for a community facility to be built here, and the Councillor wants to see parkland/greenspace as a key component. The YMCA have shown serious interest in these lands for some time, and remain committed to building a new facility on this site. Other development will likely include a commercial/office development component. With 14 acres of land to develop, some will likely include residential development.
This vision, along with using development at this site to bring needed amenities (i.e. a grocery store) to this area of the Ward is the Councillor's focus.  
The Councillor has personally continued to stay in touch with the YMCA, who remain interested in this location. He is looking forward to working with BUILD, to ensure that a vision for the vacant lands at Six Points interchange will transform it into a community space with needed facilities, parkland, and an improved and more beautiful streetscape, with increased pedestrian accessibility.





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